Are you facing issues with your microwave? We are here with a solution

Appliance Repair is here with some amazing services that heal your home appliances. Our team covers nearly all the possible domestic gadgets and give their best to mend the problem. Dealing with disturbing appliances during the busy schedule is very disgusting. We understand this, and for this reason, we are here to help you out. If you are residing in Mississauga, our services are just for you. You can contact our experts anytime regarding microwave repair Mississauga. We aim to repair broken appliances and confirm a permanent cure.


What do we serve?

We repair machines that are malfunctioning. Our expert team undertakes every project irrespective of the level of complexity. If you are facing issues with any of your home appliances do not hesitate to contact us. We will visit your place to inspect the issue if you give your word. If the problem is complex we will carry the machine along and will give you back once the issue is solved. Unlike other companies we prioritize in examining the matter other than start operating without required knowledge. Therefore, reach us for similar services. Our experts are active 24x7 for you.


On the other hand, we cover a large variety of appliances to repair. We repair domestic gadgets such as washing machine, microwave, gas oven, stove, refrigerator and more. If you are dealing hard with your broken appliances let us know. You can also directly talk to our experts regarding microwave oven repair or replace. Our experienced advice will surely help you out. Remember, appliance repair is always a professional job. So do not ever try to apply DIY hacks as that can damage your microwave forever.


Warning signs from your microwave

  •       Smoke and sparks: This could be dangerous. If you experience any kind of smoke or spark form the appliances as soon as you start it, then something is not right. In such situations, you must contact the expert team for further inspection.
  •       It is not heating up: if your microwave is not getting heated then it is high time you need to replace your appliance. However, if you are not planning to buy a new one then call Appliance Repair and we will mend the issue for sure.
  •       Sounds are coming: If your microwave is making horrible sounds then your machine is about to collapse. In such cases, if you try to apply DIY hacks then there are chances of permanent damage. Hence reach our team and we will give our best efforts in repairing the problem.
  •       The touch keypads are not responding: This is undoubtedly a technical fault. For such cases our expert technicians will definitely help you. In fact if the light inside is not working or the touch-pads are not responding you can easily contact our technicians. However, for more details regarding microwave oven repair or replace drop us an email soon.
  •       The food isn’t cooked properly: If the raw food you put in the microwave doesn’t cook well then you need to call an expert. Sometimes due to lack of maintenance, the inner parts of the machine got jammed. Therefore, only professionals can make the appliance run like before. Therefore contact us without wasting much time.


In the end, we commit to serving people who are dealing with broken appliances. No wonder, we are the number one company that comes with years of reputation and impressive service book. Therefore, we request to all the people of Mississauga to have faith in our words and contact our team for Microwave repair Mississauga.